La Roche Posay Baby

la roche posay sunscreen

Evening all, Every year around this time I start my sunawarness information sessions.  One of the most important age groups to protect is our children. Children skin is immature and unable to tolerate strong UV light.  Research shows that sunburnings aquired in childhood can cause skin cancer in later life. Children should use hats, sunglasses, […]

Anthelios SPF 50 Comfort


  Hi Everyone I’m not letting the blustery start to the spring stop me talking about Sunawarness.  Normally sun protection needs to start from the 1st of March and continue until the end of September. When I recommended factor 50′s people generally have a look of horror on their face.  We normally think of gloopy white/blue creams […]



Hi Everyone, Rosacea, also known as the curse of the celts, is a condition that causes redness and blushing/flushing of the cheeks.  Its an embarrasing disease that has no cure and can be assossiated with enlargment of the nose and acne.  There are a number of trigger factors including spicy food and alcohol but the […]