Rosacea is an extremely common skin condition among Irish people with 1 in 10 people experience redness and blushing flushing of the cheeks, chin and nose.  Rosacea is thought to affect more women than men, yet symptoms tend to appear worse in males.  The exact cause of rosacea is unknown however a number of […]

Sensitive Reactive Skin

avebe redness

Hi Everyone,   I had a query from a follower on facebook about sensitive reactive skin. This is a very common complaint from us ladies who live in the west and there are a couple of possible reasons for dry sensitive skin. Firstly eczema is a dry skin condition which tends to react to perfumed […]



Hi Everyone, Rosacea, also known as the curse of the celts, is a condition that causes redness and blushing/flushing of the cheeks.  Its an embarrasing disease that has no cure and can be assossiated with enlargment of the nose and acne.  There are a number of trigger factors including spicy food and alcohol but the […]