Neostrata Skin Active


Hi Everyone, As I have a nursing background I always look for products which have scientific background so there not just safe , but also will deliver the results they promise. I’ve always been a fan of Neostrata as it was founded by Drs. Eugene Van Scott (Dermatologist and Master of Dermatology of the American Academy of Dermatology AAD) […]

Summer Legs

summer legs

  Evening Ladies, Im so excited about the arrival of spring but have that dreadful fear of revealing the pins again after a long winter tucked away under the dinier 100′s. I just had a message asking for some advice about ingrown hairs. Uneven tiny little bumps on legs can be one of two things. […]

Neostrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF 30

I have a new favorite product folks.  Its Neostratas Skin Active Matrix Support with SPF 30.  It has 3 main ingrediants peptides, vitamin A and retinoids. These ingrediants promote collagen production, increase cell turnover and reduce pigmentation marks.  Good i hear you say but better as it has a factor 30 built in. It has […]