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A few years ago I was introduced to the Uriage range in the form of a barrier cream for fissured skin and I loved it.  For some reason it dissapered from shelves but is now back with a bang and im loving the huge range they offer.

Like many fabulous French ranges its products are based on thermal spring water.  Heres the companies description of the range:

“Uriage Thermal Water was first discovered by the Romans through the Belledonne massif in the French Alps. It is filtered on the surface of the glaciers before passing through many layers of minerals, rock, gypsum rich in Calcium sulfates and sulphurised schist. This unique geological structure slowly releases mineral salts and trace elements into the water as it passes through. At the end of this long journey, Uriage Thermal Water springs forth – totally pure and free of all pollution. Hence, the Uriage Thermal Water is a unique active ingredient in Uriage’s full range of hypoallergenic products.”

So far I’ve tried the moisturiser range which is suitable for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis.  Its texture prevents outside irritants to flare dry skin conditions.  The claims are backed by some interesting research papers.

The rest of the range includes sunscreen, rosacea products, thermal water spray and an acne range.



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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. Hi I have recently started Roacuttane and my skin has really dried up & flaky, would love any help/advice on this.x

    • Hi Angela,
      When you start treatment like roaccutane it can really dry the skin out. The lips can really flake so I recommend cold cream lip cream by Avene. Using a very gentle skin care routine is also recommended. Extremly gentle cleanser and skin recovery creme by Avene is a good combination. Remember that roaccutane can make you sensitive to light and you can sunburn easily while using roaccutane so keep usig factor 50.

  2. Eilish whelan says:

    I need to change my skincare routine would it suit sensitive skin?

    • Hi Eilish
      Its perfect for sensitive skins. The range includs cleansers and moisturisers suitable for the face. Keep an eye on the page as i’ll be detailing more of the line

  3. Avril Healy says:

    I would love to try this product ☺

  4. sheila Downs says:

    Sounds and looks like a great prize. Good luck to everyone entering the competition. Fingers crossed xxx

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