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Hi Guys,

What an incredible weekend.  I know im getting long in the tooth when i get enthusiastic about getting the sheets dry on the line.  It’s also great to se the children out enjoying themselves and getting some Vitamin D and fresh air.

However we must remember how delicate children’s skin is.  Skin can be classed as immature until the age of 18.  Therefore UV radiation does more damage to children’s skin than adults.  It is estimated that we accumulate between 60 and 80% of our entire lifetime UV exposure before we are 18 and it is also thought that 5-6 bad sunburnings in childhood gives an 80% chance of developing skin cancer in later life.

Following the code is vital for children.  The code is hats, long sleeved t-shirts and pants, shady areas between 11 and 3 and wearing a high factor sunfilter.

Sunfilters must be pediatric formulas.  My top favs are Anthellios 50+ (La Roche Posay) Hamiton toddler 30+,  Ovelle factor 45+ and Avene Very High Protection cream factor 50+

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  1. Cathriona Leonard says:

    La Roche Posay 10/10

  2. GeraldineO Rourke says:

    This sun cream great for kids with sensitive skin no nasty rashes!

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