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So it’s the end of the easter holidays.  I think were all ready to get back to normality.  The great thing is the weather is looking good !

I had a question on the website from a Mammy who has a beautiful 8 month old baby girl and wants to know what sunfilter to use.

The hard and fast rule is that children under 1 should not have sunfilter on as they are too immature for any sunfilter/suncream

Children under 1 should not be exposed to direct sunlight.  Therefore babies should be covered in loose clothing, use hats with a rim, have parasols on buggies and shades on car windows.  Children also can’t control their little body temperatures very well so remember plenty of water.

Hats and appropriate outerwear can be difficult to get a hold of.  This year ive seen great hats in heatons and H and M.  I have to say a one stop shop for the best baby products is JoJo Maman bebe.  They have opened a store in Dublin but you can also buy online

Children over 1 should use pediatric factor 50 sunfilter.  Not all filters are the same and some brands can contain high amounts of preservative.  My top picks are avene mineral, la roche posay anthellios, hamilton infant and elave 45

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  1. Thanks Selene.. Fab advice as always. X

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