Summer Legs

summer legs


Evening Ladies,

Im so excited about the arrival of spring but have that dreadful fear of revealing the pins again after a long winter tucked away under the dinier 100′s.

I just had a message asking for some advice about ingrown hairs.

Uneven tiny little bumps on legs can be one of two things.

Firstly it may be something called keratosis pilaris.  They are hard little lumps that appear on the arms and legs and can be difficult to get rid of.  Using a soap substitute and loofah in the shower helps.  Also using urea based creams can help.

The more common cause for lumpiness is something called folliculitis or inflamation of the hair folllicle.  This often happens when we use shower gels, moisturisers and fake tans frequently.  A big no no is to rub in product against the direction of the hair growth.   This action irritates the base of the follicle causing a red itchy bump to grow.  This counts for shaving too. Legs should be shaved in long DOWNWARD strokes.  Same goes for application of tans or moisturisers.  Keep going in long downward strokes.

And now for products.  Avene cold cream wash and moisturiser is fantastic to treat and prevent dryness.  Neostrata urea cream treats Keratosis Pilaris and avoids the need for loads of scubbing.

Tan Organic is great for sensitve legs and i find Cocoa Brown really even but quite moisturising.  Also check out the cocoa brown chocolate whip moisturiser.  It really does prolong tan without adding stickiness.

Please feel free to leave any comments or any of your summer leg stories x



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