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Hi Everyone,

Rose of Tralee is over, kids are back in school and the nights are drawing in.  It can only mean the summer is over.  I’ve had a couple of queries during the week about transitional skincare.

I’m sure you were all working overtime with the SPF50 during the holidays but if you werent you may find you clocked up some pigment changes especially to the nose and cheeks.  During the warm weather acne can also flare.

While the seasons are turning its a great idea to think about investing in some peels.

There are 3 important things to remember about peels.  Firstly invest in a good product.   My top favorites are Dr. Obagi, Neostrata and Skin Brightening by Skincueticals.  Secondly get a professional to carry out your peel, remember its an aesthtic procedure and finally you must must must use sunfilter after having peels performed.

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About the Author

, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. Natasha Walshe says:

    Interesting piece Selene

  2. well done selene
    looking awesome

  3. Suzanna Gavin says:

    Best of luck with your website Selene, we’ll miss your mammy and Seán at the gate! I’m interested to learn more about diet and eczema. I have taken dairy out of Oisín’s diet and noticed a huge improvement in his skin (he has eczema since he was a few wks old and mild asthma too) but have to say was a bit skeptical but having laxed over the summer (ice-cream etc) he flared again and was definitely more nasally, just wondering what your thoughts are and should I avoid other foods?!
    Kind regards

  4. Hi. Great to remind everyone to keep using high factors. We are all good in Summer months but ease up for getting that we are still catching lots of harmful rays.

  5. Rosaleen Durcan says:

    Well done Selene. I love the Passion you have for UR job may you have many years of success

  6. Christina carden says:

    I really enjoy the all the info on skin care and must admit I was never one for having a daily routine but you have definitely opened my eyes to the importance of it :)

  7. Hi Selene,

    I just wanted to say well done on your fantastic piece on Tv3 this morning !
    You came across fantastically & it’s great to hear people talking about eczema- best of luck with your adventures


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