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Hi Everyone,

As I have a nursing background I always look for products which have scientific background so there not just safe , but also will deliver the results they promise.

I’ve always been a fan of Neostrata as it was founded by Drs. Eugene Van Scott (Dermatologist and Master of Dermatology of the American Academy of Dermatology AAD) and Dr Ruey Yu (Dermatopharmacologist)  They are recognised for making the ground-breaking discovery that Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) have profound beneficial effect on skin.

In 1974, they co-authored the first published scientific paper on the benefits of AHAs in dermatology and skin care. Their subsequent research established that AHAs are not only beneficial in the treatment of dermatological conditions, such as dry skin, but also effective in stimulating prematurely aged or damaged skin to rejuvenate itself. In 1988, the two doctors formed The NeoStrata Company to develop and market the AHA products they had discovered.

Since then they perfected their science and have revolutionised anti-ageing with their skin active range which is packed full of good stuff including Neoglucosamine, retinol, Peptides and Hyaluronic acid.  Getting back to the evidence these ingredients have been scientifically proven to plump out skin, encourage cell renewal and give a fresh look.  Its non-comedogenic, alcohol and parbens free.



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About the Author

, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. Amanda Farry says:

    Hi selene,
    After asking ur advise on some good products you recommended a lovely serum from neo strata. From the first application I found my face tightening. I have since recommended it to my sister in law who uses it religiously. I have also noticed my makeup going on much better and no need for a primer. Its a winner in my eyes:-)

  2. Sounds like a good product!

  3. Valerie Clinton says:

    Great Products Selene.. Would love them !

  4. Therese Davey says:

    Hi Selene. I love your website. It’s fab. The Neostrata skin product sound really lovely. I have dry skin and I would love to give it a try. X

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