My Top Three Acne Tips



Apparently every day is a school day and you can learn new things every week.  Last week I found out that acne is the most searched dermatological condition on social media !  Apparently there’s a lot of people suffering from acne looking for causes and treatments.  A lot of misinformation exists on line particularly around acne causes and treatments so I wanted to give you my very top three tips on acne control

1). Don’t use physical facial scrubs.  When I say physical scrubs I mean lotion with the ‘bits’ in them like sand and shell.  These options irritate skin that is already inflamed and cause worsening of the acne with possible development of irritant dermatitis.  Try using chemical exfoliators instead that safely slough off dead skin cells.

2).  Don’t try at home remedies such as lemons, salt and toothpaste.  I’m a big pinterest fan but not when it comes to skin.  Lemons have far too much acids and salts are too abrasive.  Sensitive folks with food allergies may become sensitised through their skin so rubbing food proteins that have a high risk of allergy is not recommended.

3).  Use a moisturiser.  Zapping and completely drying out skin is not a treatment for acne.  In fact drying it out can make the acne worse and spread the inflammation form one area of the skin to the other.  Ensure that all facial products are non-comedogneic or suitable for acne skin.   A great combo that I recommend is Elave sensitive balancing gel and moisturiser.  Its gentle formulation will not irritate inflamed skin but will help control acne flares.

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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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