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Hi everyone.  One of my very favorite things to do when I have a spare hour is to  sit down with a magazine and read it cover to cover – no interruptions.  Publications are always full of advertising for cosmetics and skincare, a lot of which can be misleading.  In recent years we have been bombarded with new ingredients in cosmecuticals, however these claims are not always backed up with clinical papers to prove that these ingredients actually work.


One ingredient which has been knocking around for 80 years and has heaps of clinical evidence to prove its worth is retinol.  Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A and comes in various forms.  Some vitamin A is used in preparations for acne treatment and is available on prescription only.  It is also a black belt at minimising pores tightening and freshing skin.  Basically it takes off the rough stuff and gives a fresh feel and look.

However this powerful age fighter can cause redness and irritation.  It also causes photosensitivity so the use of sunfilter alongside retinol use is a must.

My recommendation for using retinol is to use every third night initially building slowly up to every second night and then nightly.  Also to remember that the number 1 anti-ageing treatment is regular use of factor 50.  Combining retinol with regular peels are also a great idea.

The very clever people at La Roche Posay have launched Redermic R which is an intensive corrective concentrate which address wrinkles, irregular skin tone and age spots but is also parben free.  Redermic R is now available at selected pharmacies.

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  1. juliea wasson says:

    My mum would love this

  2. joanne mcloughlin says:

    Redermic R sounds like an amazing product ;-)

  3. Colette Dunne says:

    Yes please woul love to try this product

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