Hydrance Optimale Riche

hydrance optimale riche

A lot of us like to know what skin category were in.  Traditionally we think were either dry and flaky or greasy with acne.  Of course there’s always the old shiny T zone.

However I think it’s a bit more complex than this.  A lot of women particularly over the age of 30 can have a mix of dry, sensitive, greasy acne prone skin which also has anti-ageing issues to address.

In the last couple of weeks with the terrible weather we have been experiencing a lot of my followers have been messaging queries asking for recommendations for cleansers and moisturizer for this particular skin type.

I’ve been finding my own skin problematic since christmas.  Its dry from all the indoor heat at work and home, but im experiencing breakouts and of course trying to hold back the years.

Ive changed myown routine to cleanance gel wash with a spray of thermal water after.  Im following up with hydrance optimale riche.  Its a moisturiser that recharges dried out skin but dosent block pores.  I really hate the sticky feel of moisturisers but this feels velvity and comfortable.

So, if youve been labelled as ‘shiny’ or ‘dry’ dont take it as a given.  Look in the mirror with no make up and note what you see.  Are you shiny all over with acne ?  Feel the skin.   Is it greasy?  Then you need a complete acne range.  If you have dry patches with redness and some acne you need to use products that are non-comedogenic (wont cause acne) but are also suitable for sensitive skin and contain a sun filter.

Please leave any queries you have on your skin issues at this time of the year

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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. Sonia Gilmartin says:

    would love to win this one!!
    I have combination skin and I use hydrance optimal and the avene eye cream all the time

  2. Valerie Clinton says:

    Avéne have such great products. Thanks again!

  3. Colette Dunne says:

    Fantastic prize

  4. mary cronin says:

    Would love to win this for my combination skin thank u

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