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Hi Everyone,

With the start of the good weather this week I think there’s a skip in everyone’s step.

However when it gets over 15 degrees i get a little nervous.  I know ive said it before but do remember that we have over 8,000 cases of skin cancer diagnosed every year in Ireland.  Skin Cancer is preventable as Ultraviolet light (sunlight and sunbeds) account for the main cause of skin cancer.  Researchers have told us that 5-6 sunburnings under the age of 18 can increase the chance of developing skin cancer by 80%

Many years ago Australia introduced a skin cancer programme called ‘Sunsmart’ .  Sunsmart involves using a high factor sun block (factor 50), covering up with clothing (hats, long sleeves and sunglasses ) and avoiding sunburn.  Children are a priority as their skin is immature and more open to damage.

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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. It’s so hard to get the kids to put on sun cream more than once a day. any ideas?

    • Hi Karen,
      Firstly i find its habit forming. Once the kids are over 5 try getting them to do it themselves in a fun way. I put some stickers on my bottles for Grace and Sean when they were yonger. Spongebob and Dora fans will aprreciate this. Using a reward chart can be a good idea.
      Also i think brands do make a difference. If the consistency of lotions are to thick greasy or very chalky kids may not want to wear it.
      I hope this helps Karen and enjoy the weather xxx

  2. Amanda Farry says:

    I note you said sun filter from march 1st. I never realised and got a shock when I seen Evan face very red after a days football camp. Although they do say the AstroTurf pitch reflects the sun increading chances of burning?

    • Hi Amanda,
      I think so many people were caught out since Monday. We have a really changable climate. I was practically defrosting the windscreen this morning and it was 18 degrees at 5pm. You can also burn through cloud cover and reflective surfaces do increase UV glare i.e. water. The easiest thing to do is stock up on enough of your favorite factor 50 and have some everywhere, in the car, utility room, sports bags, changing bags etc.
      Im doing a specific piece on children and sun care later in the week so keep an eye on the blog x

  3. Hi Selene,
    My youngest (almost 5) was out yesterday and when he came in he was red and sunburned on his face and arms!! Bad mother!! I didn’t think it was hot enough for him to get burned. It wasn’t sore however but looked very red!! Should I have the factor 50 on them every day from now on? What about all the factor 15 I have left over since last year. Has that lost its efficacy?
    Thanks in advance for the advice.

    • Hi Andrea
      Your a great mom !!! I always go with the 1st of March. Its a no fail. Also our children have a lot of outdoor organised activities which a lot of the time can be at the most dangerous time i.e. at the middle of the day.
      I find if you appl the sunblock after the teeth brushing in the morning it forms a habit. If the kids are outside in direct light it does need to be reapplied every 2 hours.
      If you have anything left over from last year i would bin it. Most products which have been opened for 12 months have not alone lost efficacy but have also gained a lot of bacteria – which can cause skin infections.
      Another shopping trip for you x

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