Elave Daily Skin Defence SPF 45

elave 45

Evening everyone.  As you all know I have an unhealthy obsession with Sunawarness.  Just a reminder we need to protect our skin from March the 1st until September the 31st – regardless of the weather.  80% of UV rays come through cloud cover, so people particularly with fair skin can sustain  sundamage.

Our Irish skin can be sensitive so certain sunfilters can spell runny eyes and scratchy faces.  Bring on elaves new SPF 45.   It contains high UVA/UVB protection but delivers it in purified water containing Vitamins B,C and E.  Its sensitive formulation is suitable for even the most reactive among us.

As always elave delivers products which are parbens, lanolin and SLS free. If that wasnt enough its oil free so no breakouts.

I have tried this on friends and family over the last couple of weeks.  Thumbs up all round but especially with one very non-compliant man.  The beauty of the product is that it sinks into the skin without a trace, therefore being cosmetically acceptable for guys.

Further information about skin cancer prevention is available on www.irishcancersociety.ie

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