Eczema Awareness

Avène Cold Creme Gel

Well guys, we’re into September which in Dermatology speak means eczema awareness. So as its a big passion of mine I’ll spend a lot of the month talking about this skin condition which some long suffering parents are quite familiar with.

One if the most essential parts of eczema control is not using any soaps, bubble baths or shower gels for washing. That applies whether your 6 months or 60 years.
Soap based products act by stripping off the natural oils from this skin. This is fine if the skin is normal, as these oils will be regenerated in a few hours. However, with eczema it may never be regenerated.

So skin specialists will always recommended the use of a soap substitute for patients with eczema. Traditional soap subs may be difficult to use however, mostly due to packaging or consistency.
Recently I have found this little gem called Cold Cream Gel  by Avène. It’s main ingredient is thermal spring water and white beeswax. It’s been a staple in my house for the last few weeks and has got us through chickenpox, a bought of childhood eczema and for moi preparation and maintenance of self tan.

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