I love a white christmas as much as the next person but hate a snowfall on my shoulders :(   Ive suffered from dandruff for years and i really dont know whats worse,  the flakiness or the itching.  Many anti dandruff treatments can be abrasive especially on dry skin and notoriously strip off hair colour.

But what is dandruff and how does it happen in the first place?

Dandruff occurs when a yeast called Pityrosporum ovale goes into overproduction.  This triggers an inflammatory process as well as desquamation (flakiness).  

Dermatologists recommend products which are keratoltic and anti-fungal.   In severe cases steroid based treatments can also be used.

In any case anti dandruff shampoos need to be of good cosmetic qulity so the hair isint stripped or dried out.  Any anti dandruff treatment needs to left in contact with the scalp for at least 5 minutes to be effective.

Over the next fortnight i will be reviewing 2 anti-dandruff products.  If anyone has any questions or comments please let me know.

Selene x

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