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Happy Good Friday Everyone,


I had a query from one of my followers on facebook about eczema and swimming pools so I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about the dreaded eczema.

Eczematous  skin is inflammed and has no protection.  We don’t have a cure for eczema so there is no magic pill, injection or diet that will make it disappear.  We do however recommended topical treatments which can help keep it under control.  These include moisturisers, soap substitutes and topical steroids.

There are a number of trigger factors which exacerbate eczema.  Theses include house dust mite, animal dander, heat, water and chlorine.

Swimming can be a huge problem for children who have dry skin.  Its unfair to keep them from swimming but there are some things you can do to minimise the damage.

Firstly use a soap substitute to wash off the chlorine immediately coming out of the pool.  A good example if Trixera wash from Avene.

Importantly a layer of moisturiser should be applied top to toe BEFORE getting into the pool and after.  Also another thick layer should be applied before going into bed.

If goggles or swim socks are pooling the water it may aggravate eyes and feet so go without them.

The most important thing about eczema care is the constant meed for soap substitutes and moisturiser.  Soap must never ever be used on children with eczema – no excuses.

Hope this was of some help x

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  1. catherine carden says:

    Love the evene range :)

  2. Juliana Henry says:

    Thanks Selene. Had Saoirse swimming during the week and have not realised why she eczema suddenly appeared on her forearms!

  3. Cathriona Leonard says:

    My son suffers from eczema and i would like to try this product out on him!

  4. hi Selene thank you for that couldn’t understand why her eyes were so badly affected never thought about the pooling of the chlorine in the goggles,

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