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From speaking to women on this blog and speaking to friends many of us feel that anti-ageing skincare can be too stringent for use on sensitive skin or are expensive/ ineffective when used.


Retinol, Hylaronic Acid and collagen remain pillars of anti ageing treatments recommended by dermatologists.  However retinol can be difficult to use if you have sensitive skin.

Retinaldehyde is a weaker strength of retinol that has similar effects to retionol use over an extended period of time and is available in Avene’s Physiolift formulations.  The range includes an eye cream, targeted filler, emulsion, day cream and night cream.

On using physiolift a tingling sensation can be felt.  If you are particularly sensitive try using every third night building up to every second night and then nightly.  Combine with a soap free cleanser and water spray to soothe irritated skin.

Check out the Avene range from local independent pharmacies and online at cloud10 beauty

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