Avene Physiolift Precision Wrinkle Filler



A regular question I get is from women who want to their skin to look younger but don’t want to take the step of injectable solutions.

Young skin is awash with hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.  Unfortunately when we get older we lose these components leading to sagging, wrinkles and lines.  Therefore the obvious solution is to replace these lost gems.

Dermatologists have loved Retin A for many years. It’s widely known for its anti ageing effects however its use can lead to redness and irritation.  Retinaldeyde is a different version of Retin A which is proven to have the same effect as Retin A, but without the side effects.  Hyluronic acid is a replumper which rehydrates the skin giving a youthful appearance.  Both Retinaldehyde and hyaluronic acid are key ingredients in Avene’s new physiolift range.

Its must have product has to be the precision wrinkle filler.  Its 15ml and a little goes a long way.  Its for application anywhere there are lines and over a few weeks there is a noticeable reduction in the heaviness of the wrinkle.

Physiolift comes in an entire range including day time moisturiser, night cream, eye cream and the wonderful precision filler.


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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. Mary anderson says:

    Hi Selene
    I have tried a lot of creams from the cheapest to the dearest and I am still getting crows feet. I am thinking about injections but once you start you can’t stop so I’m wondering is this cream a better option??

  2. Lisa Lynott says:

    I love Avene

    • Lisa Lynott says:

      I’ve just realised it only posted my opening line above!! Lo-tech me!!
      Would this product be suitable for someone in their early 40′s?
      I would love something to help erase a few lines without having to resort to Botox just yet!
      Thanks in advance :)

  3. Jill neary says:

    My question is what age do “laughter lines” start appearing ?

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