Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub

Im not the biggest fan of facial scrubs as some of them contain ingrediants which are far too abrasive and while skin may feel smooth after use they may actually destroy healthy skin cells and make acne worse.  So bring on Avene’s gentle purifying scrub.  Its non-abrasive beads provide very gentle exfoliation while sodium salicylate helps cleanse the skin. Best of all its parbens free, hypoallergenic and wont block pores.

The very lovely people in Avene have given me a scrub to give away to a budding tester so drop me a message if you would like to take part.

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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. Angela roarty says:

    Hi Selene.. I used the LA Roche Posey Rosaliac for my pregnancy Acne as advised by pharmacist.. But when I saw no results I went to another pharmacist and was told this is just for Rosacia and wouldn’t help my Acne but there was another LRP product that would b better? Could you advise me on this? Also my 22 week old baby has dry skin around her forehead and side of her face, what is the best product to use on her skin? Thank you in advance for your advice. X

    • Hi Angela,
      Your pharmacist was correct. The product most suitable for acne treatment from the LRP range is called effaclar. It comes in a cleansing foam and a soothing moisturiser. For more problematic skin effaclar duo is fantastic. It contains salicylic acid and zinc to target acne. Its also preservative free to reduce reactions.
      Another option is cleanance from Avene for a cleanser and triacneal as a moisturiser. An old fasioned tip for babies skin is warmed olive oil rubbed into the skin. One of my favorite baby products is Elave Baby which comes in washes shampoos and moisturisers. The products are effective but contain zero preservatives.

  2. Karen Lyons says:

    Hi Selene, would this product help with pure reduction, or can you do an article on another product that would?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Karen
      Very little products will deliver pore reduction (although it may promise it on packaging). One of the best methods of pore reduction is facial peels. Dr. Obagi blue peel or skinceuticals brightner peel are the most effective. Another way to go is to fake it. Benefit pore professional is a fantastic product for vanishing pores even if its only tempory

  3. Mary Carden says:

    Hi Selene,

    I have an extremely dry t-zone. I just wondered what is the best way to treat this ? Should i use a gentle scrub like the one mentioned above or should is there a moisturizer you would recommend ? I have very sensitive skin too and find alot of mosturisers burn it.


    • Hi Mary
      Thanks for the comment. I dont recommend scrubs for dry skin especially sensitive skins as it can make the problem worse. Try rich compensating cream by Avene. Its like a drink for dry skins but dosent irritate. Also have a look at your cleanser. Use something gentle thats appropriate for dry skin. Another tip is to never use toners as they are too abrasive.

  4. Karen Lyons says:

    Love that Benefit product – it really works! I’ll look into the skin peel, thanks for the advice! Karen

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