1st National Skin Awareness Day


Happy Wednesday everyone. I had a phone call yesterday from my friend Helen at the Irish Skin Foundation. The final line up has been decided and it looks amazing. Not alone are there talks from eminent dermatologists but also seminars with psychologist Barry Egan and a know your rights slot with Andrew McCann. Of course yours truly is stuck in as well providing eczema and psoriasis education. I can’t emphasise enough how beneficial this event will be for anyone with an interest in skin.

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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. Lorraine Prendergast says:

    Hi Selene,
    Great site and I’m sure it will be full of tips and fabulous advice!
    People this lady is a fountain of knowledge where skincare is concerned (and much more I’d imagine!!!) so keep up with this blog, it will be worth it!

    Good Luck Selene!
    Lorraine x

    • Hi Lorraine
      Thank you so much fopr your kind comments. Next time im in the Cork area will definatly call into O’Sullivans for a look xxx

  2. Lucy Byrne says:

    hi selene,
    congrats on the website!
    looks brilliant and am looking forward to searching through it for some of your great skincare advice, its refreshing to visit a website you can trust to get down to earth honest feedback and advice on all aspects on skincare and products that actually work!
    best of luck with it!
    lucy x

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