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Evening all,

Every year around this time I start my sunawarness information sessions.  One of the most important age groups to protect is our children.

Children skin is immature and unable to tolerate strong UV light.  Research shows that sunburnings aquired in childhood can cause skin cancer in later life.

Children should use hats, sunglasses, cover up with clothing and stay in the shade between 11am and 2 pm.  They should also wear sunfilter(factor 50 if possible).

Until now the recommendation was that children under 12 months could not have any sunfilter applied to their skin.  Thankfully the clever people at La Roche Posay have developed Anthellios Baby which is suitable for use on children from 3 months onward.

The formulation is gentle on skin while protecting from harmful UV

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  1. Karen Omahoney says:

    Great information , thanks for sharing. Is this available in most pharmacies that already sell La Roche Posay?

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