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Diet and food has always been a huge interest of mine. Unfortunately consuming too many calories holds my attention more than clean eating and exercise. I always carried some weight but when I started nurse training I really piled on the pounds. After I had my daughter I was squeezing into size 22 tops so I knew it was time to do something. After many failed attempts I calorie counted and exercised and managed to drop 8 stone.

Fast forward to 2013 and after an amazing trip to Avene and much nibbling of cheese and pastries I find the need to shed a few lbs again :( . When starting the blog I wasn’t going to include diet but decided to include it to inspire myself, and friends and family have always asked me how I shed so many pounds. I’m hoping this section might provide inspiration and support for those of us wanting to slim down.

So I’ve turned to my old friend Celebrity Slim for a kickstart. I’m incredibly busy running around after kids and working full time so I find it’s quick and easy with no counting. I really prefer the bars because I feel like I’m getting a treat when I’m having my breakfast or tea. I love my dinner so I could never go without a hot meal once during the day. I started on Monday and so far so good. I would love to know if other people have had success with Celebrity Slim or any other diets.

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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. Karen Lyons says:

    You are a true example of reaching for your dreams Selene – best of luck with your blog! I’m looking forward to reading all your tips and secrets, maybe you could teach me a little restraint when it comes to over-indulgence!

  2. Ashamedly I have a confession to make. I was so motivated with the celebrity slim programme but fell at the first fence. I’m blaming my stay at the heritage hotel in laois combined with a day out at the ploughing championship. I felt it was necessary to sample all the fine produce we have here in Ireland from pulled pork sandwiches to handmade cup cakes.
    Fortunately I have contacted my friends in Healthwise pharmacy in Sligo who have vowed to assist me back on track. Keep tuned for progress and if anyone else is embarking on a pre Christmas diet plan please let me know. We can hopefully encourage each other x

  3. So i called into Healthwise pharmacy in Sligo on Friday to get some kick ass for my return to healthy eating. I met Linda who was so lovely, understanding and definatly non judgmental. Shes been dealing in pharmacy diets for years and knows all the pitfalls to calorie controlling food. So ive got my new shaker which has been broken in already and im cracking on with the stir fries. Id love to hear if anyone has recipies for tasty no carbohydrate dinners

    • Amanda Farry says:

      Love the celebrity slim too selene, actually if I remember correctly it was ur good self that introduced me to it back in the day. Looking forward to seeing the progress, ur a true inspiration to all us mummies that are constantly battling with weight. Good luck x x

      • Thanks Amanda. This time of the evening is always difficult for me. When the babies go to bed and the house is clean I usually do the wander out to the kitchen. Will defiantly keep posting x

  4. Folks I love good news on a Friday. Just had my weigh in with Healthwise pharmacy and have 2 pounds off. Better news is 2 inches off the waist and 1 inch from the hips. Hopefully stepping up the excercise this week as well x

    • Amanda Farry says:

      Excellent selene well done. Thinking of giving it a lash myself

      • We can be north west diet buddies Amanda. I’m gonna try to up the oily fish and excercise this week. It’s great value to get free weigh ins measurements blood pressure etc in the pharmacy x

  5. Well no good news for the diet blog this week. Ive been falling on and off the wagon but the wheels completly came off last night. The kids were trick or treating and partying away. When i finally tucked them into bed i found myself downstairs helping myself to their treats. To confess ive had all the goodies in the house for the last week in preparation for the festive season and have been nibbling away. So im making November a clean living month. If anyone wants to come on the journey with me or has any diet tips please leave your suggestions x

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