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Hi All

Strandhill is one of my favorite places.  Not only has it got the beach but it also has Burkes pharmacy.

Often we take our pharmacies for granted but they are a vital part of any community and certainly badly needed in times of crisis.  Burkes have now started to stock one of my favorite ranges – Avene and are offering a generous 15% discount on all Avene purchases until the end of August.

Staff are also fully trained in the range and can offer advice on skin care instore.

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About the Author

, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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  1. eva mulrooney says:

    Skin care by avene would be fabulous

  2. Lorraine Roe says:

    Delighted Avene is available on our doorstep! We use it on our daughter. We stocked up on the products whilst we were in France a few weeks ago x

  3. Therese Davey says:

    I would love to give this product a try. I have heard great things about it. Again Selene you are doing great work and getting wonderful information for people in skin care and sun awareness. Thanks again.

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