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, Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specalist for 10 years but skincare and aesthetics addict for longer.
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Itchy Little Monkeys


  One of the most frequently asked questions on the page is how to manage eczema. A great way to do this is to use clothing to stop children from scratching and infecting their skin.  Itchy little monkeys have a scratch sleeve in green and pink and from ages 6 months upwards.  Its worn like […]

Elave Baby Range

I’ve just had some feedback from a friend who was looking for some advice around nappy care for her teething 6 month old who has eczema.  Firstly I advised her to ditch the wipes as they can irritate underlying skin conditions. Secondly I advised her to swap her usual barrier cream to elave sensitive nappy […]

Bioderma Photoderm MAX


What a beautiful week its been.  Unfortunately it seems that the sunsmart message has fallen on a lot of deaf (and red ) ears. Remember from 1st March until the end of September we need to use a high factor sunscreen, wear protective clothing, wear sunglasses seek shade between 11am and 3 om and wear […]

SkinCeuticals Stockist


When I hit my late 20’s and began to look for skincare with scientific roots and measurable results I was recommended Skinceitucals by a Dermatologist friend.  In the industry, it is known as the ‘rolls Royce of skincare’.  Its promises are clear.  Its philosophy is simple and is based on 3 key pillars- prevent, protect […]

Avene Physiolift


  From speaking to women on this blog and speaking to friends many of us feel that anti-ageing skincare can be too stringent for use on sensitive skin or are expensive/ ineffective when used.   Retinol, Hylaronic Acid and collagen remain pillars of anti ageing treatments recommended by dermatologists.  However retinol can be difficult to use […]

Klorane Dry Shampoo


I’m a fool for any new products but sometimes one comes along that’s AMAZING !!.  For anyone who knows me I’m blessed with a full head of frizzy flyaway hair that has a complete mind of its own and its incerdably unmanageable.  I usually opt for a professional blowdry but since I don’t have a […]



  Rosacea is an extremely common skin condition among Irish people with 1 in 10 people experience redness and blushing flushing of the cheeks, chin and nose.  Rosacea is thought to affect more women than men, yet symptoms tend to appear worse in males.  The exact cause of rosacea is unknown however a number of […]

My Top Three Acne Tips


  Apparently every day is a school day and you can learn new things every week.  Last week I found out that acne is the most searched dermatological condition on social media !  Apparently there’s a lot of people suffering from acne looking for causes and treatments.  A lot of misinformation exists on line particularly […]

Elave Intensive Ointment


Any regular readers will know I’m a big fan of the Elave range.  Recently they have launched a new sensitive ointment to treat eczema and psoriasis.  Its oily formulation protects the skins natural barrier, softens the plaques associated with psoriasis and promotes moisture  levels in the skin.  Like all elave products it contains no parabens […]

Elave Baby Nappy Cream


Something I have been passionate about for a long time is skin care for small people.  Recent research has shown that babies born into families with eczema, asthma or hayfever are more likely to develop eczema at a young age especially if soaps and highly perfumed lotions and creams are used from birth.  It is […]